2021 Video Auditions

Requirements are as follows:

1) Skill Demonstration

Demonstrate any flag technique exercises you’ve worked on in past programs involving all or some of the following skills with a metronome, and without edits or cuts within each exercise. We use weighted 6 foot poles.

  • Dropspins, Flourishes, Cones
  • Single and Double tosses – in a vertical, horizontal, and 45 degree. Show us what you know!
  • If your past program had a toss exercise, you could perform that.

2) Perform an Individual Routine

This could be something you’ve choreographed yourself, or something from a past show you’ve performed. Anything that you feel best demonstrates your skills and performance quality. Should be about approximately 1:30 in length.

3) If you would like to be considered for our weapon line, include a rifle routine

Our rifle line will not be announced until we can see everyone in person, but here’s what you must submit:

  • Same type of technique video, preferably including dropspins, double time, back hands, flourishes, and a spin/stop exercise.
  • Tosses from singles up to 5’s or 6’s. We’re looking for consistency, not perfection. Do five of each toss with no edits or cuts.
  • We are very interested in your personal technique, even if it doesn’t match ours yet.
  • Performance routine, between :30 and 1 minute in length.

The following will be made available on April 28:

4) Bear Down “Red” (Taught by our 2020 captains Adrian, Anna and Audrey)

This is our most performed routine through every season. Pay close attention to detail – we will be watching your hand placement and performance. Set a metronome to 120bpm, and remember to smile. This is our school fight song!

5) Flag Audition Routine

6) Interview Questions (to be answered at the beginning of your video)

Remember to register at the link above to receive access once the audition material is released.


Submissions are due by Tuesday, May 4, 2021